Buying your meat in bulk can save you money

For many families, buying meat in bulk makes financial sense. Such an idea is even better for those families who consume meat more than twice a week. Buying in bulk not only saves on overall costs but they can find great bargains at meat wholesalers in Brisbane. However, where do you start? First, you need to learn how to recognise fresh meat. Once you understand, you can then hunt for bargains.

1.    Like any purchase you will ever make, you have to learn how to discern using all of your senses. Not just what your eyes can see but also your sense of smell. How it feels to the touch is also important. Meat should not look pale or grey. For example, when it comes to lamb and pork, its colour should be red, or a soft pink colour and the fat on it should be white. There should be no dark spots on it. Beef must have a bright cherry colour while chicken should be pink and not contain purple or green marks on it.

2.    Whether you are buying in bulk or for tonight’s supper, an important tip to remember is that your butcher is your best friend. Why? Because they will know when the freshest meat has been put out, which pieces are a bargain and are at markdown prices. However, that is not all. They can also advise you on the best cuts to purchase depending on the meal you will be cooking.

3.    The advantage of buying in bulk is that butchers have deals on meat packages. There is always a chance you can find a bag with five chickens or minced-meat inside at a discounted price. These packages are a better deal than buying a single chicken. Butchers also have signature packages that cater to families. The package will include various types of meat such as lamb, beef, pork and chicken. Not only do you save, but you can then divide up the meat and package it into supper-ready portions at home. When you need them, you know exactly how many pieces are in the package.

Now that you are wiser about the best practices for buying fresh meat, you can take advantage of purchasing bulk meat at your local butcher. Visit Chop Shop Butchers today for great specials.


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