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Are you looking for an Australian butchers store that provides the best quality meat in the country at affordable prices? Chop Shop Butchers have four stores across Brisbane, including Wynnum, Keperra, Forest Lake and Annerley that is open seven days in a week. It means that the community is never far from a Chop Shop butcher, the best supplier of meat and poultry in Brisbane. If you are looking for a convincing reason to head down to your nearest butcher, we have compiled a list of benefits that you will enjoy.

  • If you are one to experiment in the kitchen, then shopping for your meat at a grocery store will not do you any good. Such stores often have the basic meat in stock and do not have options that will entice you in trying new ingredients and side dishes to pair the meat with. At butcheries, there is a wide variety of exceptional cut meats that will be difficult to find at your nearest grocery store. It will be even harder to find if you will be experimenting with exotic meat that is difficult to get a hold of.
  • The local meat industry is dependant on the community taking a vested interest in local butcheries and supporting their businesses by purchasing meat from them. A butcher can be a tad bit more expensive than a grocery store’s meat and poultry section; however, they are worth supporting. You will be keeping the local economy steady, keeping small businesses running instead of large meat manufacturers and distributors.
  • It may have been a few years ago, but the horsemeat scare of 2013 exposed the carelessness at not only meat processing facilities but also grocery stores and supermarkets where meat is sold. However, it is different for butchers, who are clued up about where the animal cuts are from or even cut or grind the pieces of meat right in front of the customer. It does not get any more authentic and trustworthy than such a process. You will know for sure where your meat is from before you prepare it for your loved ones, that is what a butchery gives you.

Chop Shop Butchers in Brisbane is an Australian butchers store that is trusted in the community to provide quality meat cuts that are affordable for everyone. Come down to your nearest Chop Shop Butchery to view our latest deals or visit our website to learn more about what we do.


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