Fantastic Tips For Hiring A Cold Room

Imagine you’re hosting a party soon, and you don’t have enough space to store your meat and food fresh. So what do you do? You can store them at your neighbours or relatives, but that could be an inconvenience. If you want to avoid that uncomfortable request, you can always hire a mobile cold room on the day to keep everything fresh, so your party goes off without a hitch. It is okay if you have never hired a cold room before and are not sure what pitfalls you want to avoid, we will help you make the right choice.

Conduct A Thorough Inspection

It is not hard to search for a service provider online, but before you fork out any money, conduct research on the company, condition of the cold room and its safety features. Doing so is to prevent any accidents from occurring caused by faulty wiring. Do check if the door is easy to open and close and won’t close anyone inside, are the steps sturdy and is not a tripping hazard and will your power supply can handle the cold room and won’t overload it.

Don’t Focus On Unbelievable Prices

What we mean is that while chasing after a bargain is not a bad practice, there must be a balance between the price of hiring a cold room and its quality. Because you pay for what you get, you do not want to hire an inefficient and poorly maintained cold room that will cause more harm. Instead take some time to compare prices and models, that will inform you if the amount you will be paying is worth what you are getting.

Think About Where You Will Place It

You may have found the perfect cold room but don’t forget to consider the space where it will be placed. Ensure that the site is large enough for the cold room to be placed and will not be in the way of guests. The cold room must be about 25 metres from the power point and convenient to prepare and serve food and drinks.

Now that you know a bit more about cold rooms, you will easily find the perfect one, just in time for your party. To make matters more convenient, you can always get your meat and hire a cold room at Jack Purcell Meats. They have units of varying sizes depending on what you need. To find out more, visit their website.


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