Four Creative Ways To Save Money When Buying The Best Steak

Unless you love torturing yourself with rabbit food, meat is an essential aspect of every meal. It is the glue that holds your entire meal together and adds that unmistakeable succulent flavour and without your appetite is not enticed.

As much as you cannot survive a meal without the best steak in Brisbane on your plate, it has become an expensive item on your grocery list that is chewing away at your budget. You start to scrutinize your grocery list a lot more when trimming your budget, and if your family loves their protein, the expensive choices quickly add up.

What is a carnivore/omnivore to do to keep eating meat without breaking the grocery budget? Below are some tips to help you spend less, get more and make it last longer;

1) Relish The Cheaper Cuts Of Meat

No matter where you are in the world, each cuisine has a strong peasant tradition that transforms cheaper cuts of mean into something deliciously amazing.

For example, you cannot get fancier than Boeuf Bourguignon, but it uses the best cheap chewing steak in Brisbane, The tough, yet tasty, cut is turned into a mouth-wateringly tender masterpiece due to its long stewing time.

An additional benefit of cheaper cuts of the best steak in Brisbane is slow cooking is that not only does it save you money but it also saves you time. You can leave it on a slow cooker and come back home to a meal that is bubbling away.

2) Stretch your Meat With Vegetables And Carbs

You can make your meat stretch even further by bulking it up with fillers. Bulking up your best steak in Brisbane with hidden ingredients means you area to feed two, three, or more mouths with using a small amount of meat.

An excellent example of meat stretcher meals where a little bit of meat goes a long way is curry, stir fry pasta or risotto. You will have to use plenty of vegetables served on a bed of rice, noodles, or pasta including a delicious splash of sauce and a little bit of thinly sliced meat.

3) Buy Markdown Meat And Specials

A great way to save a few pennies on the best steak in Brisbane is buying meat that is marked down because it is close to the “use-by date.” Soon after purchasing it, you can freeze it and cook and eat it when you defrost it.

The best time to look for and buy the best steak in Brisbane that is marked down is Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings, but not too early.

4) Make The Most Of Every Morsel

Well, we are not suggesting you cook a sheep’s head stew, but if you want to we have the perfect recipe for it. On a serious note, we waste a lot of meat by only selecting a few choice, plastic-wrapped cuts.

You can save money and reduce waste by eating other bits like offal, which is the most nutrient-dense foods you can add to your diet. If you cannot stomach the thought of eating offal, then cook some stock from bones. Stock cooked from home is nutritious, versatile, and free.

Chopshop Butchers have the best succulent and tender steak in Brisbane to please every meat lover’s tastebuds and wallet. Visit our store or our website for more information.

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