Four Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Butcher Countertop Or Block

After purchasing your dream home or completing renovations to bring the house of your dreams to reality, you realise that your kitchen is missing that one touch to complete the set.  A butcher block countertop in Fairfield will be a great addition to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

The surface is more than just another countertop; they offer an exceptionally stylish functional experience to any kitchen and work well with any décor. If you are someone who spends lots of time in the kitchen, you need butcher countertop or block in Fairfield either as a standalone cutting board or benchtop for your kitchen island.

Before plunging yourself in another project to replace your countertop or upgrade your kitchen island, there are a few things you need to know;

  1. You Will Have To Take Care Of Them

It is undeniable that a butcher countertop or block in Fairfield is immaculately gorgeous. However, to keep its good looks, it requires a lot more maintenance as compared to its marble or stone countertops.

To treat the surface and protect the natural wood, you have to use mineral oil. Also, to fill in any nicks or scratches, you will need to use sandpaper. Depending on how you use the countertop, this kind of re-treating ought to be done once a year. If you maintain your countertop correctly, they will last for a very long time.

  1. They Warm Your Kitchen Up

The natural wood in a butcher countertop or block in Fairfield brings with it a rustic look kitchen that gives your kitchen a cozy and comfortable feel to it. If you prefer a modern look to your space, you can incorporate the countertop to offer an unexpected trendy contrast that is beautiful and tasteful.  

  1. There Are Diverse Styles

When choosing your butcher countertop or block in Fairfield, you have primary choices to pick from, end grain or edge grain.

End grain is very expensive but lasts much longer and generally wears better. This type of countertop has the ends of the wood fibres exposed. While the edge grain gets its name because the counter surface is the side edges of the wood and the marks show more easily.

You also have a choice on the type of wood you want, mainly from oak, birch, maple and many more. Woods such as oak are hard and durable and have a larger grain, while birch is much softer with more subtle grain.

  1. Be Careful With Water And Heat

It is risky to place your countertop near a stove or sink if you are not careful. Wood absorbs very fast, and this can lead to mould build-up. There is also a high chance of staining if spill something like tomato sauce or coffee because of the porous nature of the countertop.

Moreover, not only will a stove, hot pans and pots burn the surface, it can cause the countertop to have cracks or bubbles in its surface.

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