Four Ways To Keep Your Butcher Block Countertop Clean

Wooden butcher countertops or blocks in Yeronga are the latest kitchen trend and for a perfectly good reason. They are a fantastic way to add beautiful, warm rustic feel and functionality to your kitchen.

The countertop offers a high-quality work surface where you can effortlessly prepare your meals and leave your friends and neighbours green with envy. Whether you have a fully integrated block-style countertop, a collection of cutting board or a utilitarian island, here is what you need to know, and do, to keep your countertop looking brand new;

  1. Clean Your Countertop Right Away

It is very tempting after a hard day of cooking to leave the cleaning for much later or even for the next day. You can do this for your stick pots, pans, and dishes but when it comes to your butcher block countertop in Yeronga, it is not acceptable.

The odours and stains, over time, will penetrate the wood making cleaning it a difficult chore. It is recommended to clean up right away if spills or messes occur, especially for stain-causing liquids such as wine or berry juice.

  1. Always Keep Food Grade Mineral Oil On Hand

Keeping your block countertop will require you to occasionally refresh it with a good cleaning and a fresh coat of oil. Do not use cooking oils such as olive, corn, and canola as they are unsuitable for this process. Instead, use food-grade mineral when cleaning your butcher counter block top in Yeronga. Ensure that on the label “food grade” is displayed and if not, do not use it on your countertop.

  1. Lemons, Salt, And A Dough Scraper Are Essential Tools For Countertop Maintenance

One of the first steps when cleaning your block countertop is to scrape the surface with a dough scraper lightly. It will remove materials that are stuck on the countertop. To minimise the risk of gouging your countertop’s wood, use a long straight edge with light pressure.

Additionally, another powerful cleaning tool is the acid and scent of a half-lemon, including the salt’s abrasive quality. It is a combination that will remove any stains, odours, and bacteria from your countertop, leaving a fresh and clean smell in your kitchen.

  1. The Last Resort Is Sandpaper

With everyday use, your butcher block countertop in Yeronga will start to show wear and tear. It will have some stubborn marks or stains that will not want to go away. The best option for removing these tough marks will be sanding. Before taking this last resort, you should try other less-abrasive methods first.

Start by gently wiping the surface with an 80 by 100 grit sandpaper when sanding your countertop. Apply as little pressure as possible so as not to deface the countertop any further. If the mark does not disappear when using lighter sandpaper, you can work your way up to a 220 grit sandpaper. Use a damp cloth to wipe the wood in between sandings and apply plenty of mineral oil to avoid further stains after sanding.

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