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Shopping for meat should be an easy afternoon task especially if you know exactly what kind of meat you’re looking for and what kind of meal it will be prepared with. But at times, there is so much variety of one kind of meat that it can leave customers confused or scratching their heads at the butcher. For example, steak has a variety of categories and they come in assorted sizes, textures and how you cook them differs from one another. So, if you want the best steak in Brisbane, visit Chop Shop Butchers to learn which cuts and parts of the animal you will enjoy, read further.

Let us start with a Filet Mignon which is from the tenderloin of a cow and is the most tender. This makes it one of the most desirable cut making it a tad expensive.  Then there is the Ribeye cut which is full of flavour and tender because it comes from the upper rib cage. With the bone in, it’s called ribeye but with it removed its named Scotch fillet. Coming from the short loin of a cow is the Strip Steak and is also called the Porterhouse and Sirloin. The muscle where this meat is cut from is sizeable which means larger portions. The T-Bone steak is the combination of a filet and a strip steak with just a bone separating the cuts.

Then it is the Flank Steak which is from the abdomen of the animal and is a long and flat cut that can be fried or grilled to increase its tenderness. It is also known as the beef used in Stir-Fry meals.

The Oyster Blade Steak, also known as the Flat Iron Steak is from the shoulder of the animal and can be tough to cook although its flavour more than makes up for it. But because it is less popular than some of the other cuts of steak, it is often sold at lower prices.

Finally, on our list is the Skirt Steak which is found just below the rib cut and is known to be less expensive than other cuts. This is because this cut tough and has a good amount of fat, giving it some natural flavour. This list is important to guide you better when planning your meals at home.

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