The Bulk Buy Butcher Box


2Kg Angus T-Bone Steaks (approx. 6 Large)
1.5 Kg x *Marinaded Roast Beef
2Kg x BBQ Pork Chops (6 Chops)
1Kg x Thin Beef Sausages (approx. 12 snags)
1 Kg x Middle Cut Bacon
2 Kg x Diced Topside
1 x *2.2Kg Whole Chicken
2 Kg x BBQ Lamb Chops
2 Kg x *Premium Lean Mince
Buy Bulk & Save Big!
This Butchers Box is for meat lovers that are happy to reap the rewards from buying in bulk!

Lots and lots of fresh Country quality meat that has a huge variety of cooking versatility.

As you are buying more, we are all about rewarding you with extra value.

Marinaded Roast Blade is Red Wine & Garlic flavour which is our most popular selling roast
Whole Chicken weighs approximately 2.2kg and is fresh & must be consumed or frozen within 24 hour.
Our Lean Mince is made fresh daily by our Butchers without preservative, so please use or freeze within 24 hours.

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