The Essential Criteria You Should Be Using When Searching For An Organic Butcher

Everyone wants to come home after a long day of toiling to make a living to a tastebud tantalising, finger-licking delicious meal. Thus, it is understandable that we always want to choose the healthiest food from what our local organic butcher has on offer.

However, what we assume, many times, to be fresh and healthy is not. An organic butcher in Brisbane is not a familiar terrain for many people. So, how would you know if an organic butcher in Brisbane you have shortlisted is the right one for your protein needs?

You do not need to scratch your head and pull out your hair, trying to figure out what you ought to look out for when choosing your preferred organic butcher in Brisbane. Below is a list of criteria you should be using when searching for your local butcher;

1) Cleanliness

As the adage goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness”. It is the most crucial thing to look out for when searching for your organic butcher in Brisbane as harmful bacteria breed rapidly.

As such, the butchery should use clean knives and machinery when cutting meat, and the shop has to be pest-free. Moreover, the organic butcher in Brisbane should always wear plastic gloves when handling your chosen cuts. If they sell both cooked and uncooked selections, they should be displayed in different areas, not side by side.

2) Open Communication

You want to buy from an organic butcher in Brisbane that tells you where your selection is coming from right? Butchers take pride in their craft, and a good one will be more than willing to talk about their meat and also be more than willing to advise you on which to buy.

Additionally, an organic butcher in Brisbane that cares about their customers will also be willing to talk you out from purchasing an expensive cut when a cheaper cut will work as well.

3) Fresh Meat

Many butchers buy their meat that is already vacuum sealed, boxed and ready to be shipped. They do not know how fresh or old that meat is as long they have scored a discount.

It is advisable to opt for an organic butcher who buys whole animals, as they will be fully aware of the cuts, how old each is, and how long they have been on the shelves.

4) Up To Date Machinery, Refrigeration And Staffing

The art of being a butcher is an old age craft, but it does not mean your organic butcher in Brisbane should practice their craft as they did in the nomadic era. They should use modern or high-quality operating machinery, with sharpened blades that do not bruise the meat.

Moreover, the contamination of meat occurs when it reaches over 5 degrees Celsius so your butcher ought to use the correct refrigeration.  An organic butcher in Brisbane who loves their craft will be conscious of their products, thus making extra efforts to prevent contamination.

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