Three Benefits Of Buying From Your Local Butcher

If you have made it through the doors of an actual butchery, congratulations you have avoided the inconvenience of a supermarket. As a category, meat can be very intimidating, but with professional butchers cannot shut up about how knowledgeable they are, it does not have to be.

A hearty, mouth-watering scrumptious meal can only be cooked using quality ingredients. The best place to buy your meat is from a butchery than a supermarket. The latter is focused mostly on generating fast sales, with no emphasis on quality. How many times have you returned meat you bought from a supermarket because it is off?

Buying meat from a butcher might be expensive, and many avoid buying from them, preferring cheaper options. However, the benefits of buying your meat from a butcher outweigh the hefty price tag. Below we provide three reasons why you need to buy from our butcher in Fairfield;

1. Knowledge.

Meat may look and taste the same, but it consists of different cuts which serve different purposes, and each cut needs to be prepared differently. A janitor in cleaning the butchery is not the ideal person to ask about the meat they sell. A butcher is a seasoned specialist with expert knowledge to tell you which cut is perfect for the meal you have in mind.

Buying from a professional butcher, with accurate knowledge, will have your family asking for seconds, even thirds.

2. Selection.

Buying your entire monthly groceries from one grocery shop is ideal and convenient. However, if you are always keen to push the boundaries and experiment in the kitchen, grocery shops tend to offer the basics that are not enough for cooking excellent meals.

A butchery always offers specially cut meats, something you will not find in your local grocery store. No one wants to eat the same dish every week, visit your local butchery without a recipe in mind. You will discover new ingredients, and you will find the inspiration to try fresh meals. After all, the spice of life is experimenting.

3. Quality.

Supermarkets are only good for offering convenience, but not when it comes to quality. When you buy meat from a grocery store, it is likely you will have no idea where that meat came from.
Your local butcher will know where your meat comes from; it’s quality and what is added. By buying from your local butcher in Fairfield, you are choosing quality ingredients to make that scrumptious meal.
If you are looking for a quality butcher in Fairfield, Chop Shop is your best choice. We stock the best variety of fresh meats at affordable prices. Also, visit our website for delicious recipes.

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