Tips To FInd Juicy, Tender Steaks

Shopping for the perfect fillet of steak can be a daunting task for many as there is so much to keep in mind. There are so many choices and decisions to make that it can make your head spin. Will a T-bone or tenderloin work better with your meal, do you prefer grass fed, or grain fed, and whether a dry-aged steak is suited to your tastes. No matter what decisions you make, the essential point is that the steak you purchase is suitable for your needs. If you are unsure about what to look for when shopping for steaks, we have compiled two important ideas for you to get started.

Know Where To Shop

For the best steak, visit your nearest butchery where they will provide expert advice on what to purchase. You can consult a butcher on which type of steak will go well with the meal you are planning to cook. Keep in mind that the meat should have a red to pink colour, appearing moist but not wet. If the meat is packaged, check for any liquid in the bottom of the tray and if there are any tears.

Which Type Of Steak To Choose

There are different types of steaks, and each cut has its distinctive taste and toughness. Rump steak and the chuck eye are popular and affordable options for many who are just having a simple meal at home, plus it’s easier to cook. For a tender cut, a beef tenderloin is a superb option. If you are preparing a steak for a special occasion, beef tenderloin, top loin, T-bone, and ribeye steaks are excellent choices. For example, the Ribeye steak is a prime rib from the upper ribcage, has lots of fat and can be pan-seared over high heat or grilled. For the best cuts to grill, you will not go wrong with a sirloin, T-bone, flank steak and tenderloin but be careful not to overcook.

Now that you understand more about steaks, you can visit your nearest Chop Shop Butchers in Brisbane. They sell meat of the highest quality and affordable because it’s sourced from the best local producers.


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