Tips To Help You Find Your Best Meat Cuts.

There is nothing that makes meat lovers salivate than a juicy piece of steak or a succulent portion of chicken, pork lamb. Meat plays a significant role, for most of us, in our daily diets, as it is a good source of protein that is essential to a healthy diet. It also a rich source of mineral content including magnesium, iron and zinc that are body essentials.

With so many cuts and varieties, a trip to the butcher to buy meat for a family dinner or BBQ can be both exciting and confusing. You are confronted with different  ‘organic’ or ‘grass-fed’ labels, but the meaty question is how do you know you have chosen something of good quality and tastes great?

The first step to finding butcher supplies in Brisbane is befriending your butcher and asking for their help. It is will also be helpful to see what is on sale, what is the best deal and adapting your meal to take advantage of these bargains. Before embarking on your meat buying journey, we have compiled top tips to help you find your best cut;

1. Make Substitutions.

You will not be breaking the law when you do not buy everything in your recipe. Your butcher will. If your recipe calls for chuck roast which might not be on sale, your butcher can recommend chuck arm roast or mock tender steak as alternatives. They can be chopped or prepared by your butcher for free as suggested in the recipe.

2. Request Custom Butchering.

A whole slab of meat is cheaper than the same amount that has already cut into smaller pieces. Make yourself feel special and ask your butcher to cut the budget-friendly specials, they will not refuse. It will allow you to save money but still go home with individual pieces of meat that could have cost you a fortune.

3. Ask Questions.

As a paying customer, you have the right to ask questions when purchasing meat. Finding out where your meat is coming from, where it was raised and whether it was grass-fed or raised without antibiotics is crucial when selecting your best cut.

4. Choose The USDA Grade.

Do not have the wool pulled over your eyes by the buzzwords like “butchers cut” or “reserve” used by butchers. The grading that you should be looking for is the USDA grade. The best meat is considered to be prime, followed by choice, select and finally standard.
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