Top Three Tips To Use When Searching For Meat Suppliers

One of the most important things you can do as a restaurant owner, besides serving your patron’s delicious finger licking food, is finding the best meat suppliers in Brisbane. You aim should be to find a supplier who consistently provides a combination of quality, freshness, price and availability ensuring your dishes are always scrumptious.

There are many meat suppliers in Brisbane and finding one that is optimally suitable for you’re the needs of your restaurant can be the same as looking for a needle in a large haystack.

We have compiled a list of three tips that will questions that will make searching for your needle in the haystack easier;

1. Visit Their Warehouse.

Visiting the facilities of meat suppliers in Brisbane is one of the effective ways of finding a reputable vendor. You will see firsthand how they handle and store their products. It is advisable to choose a supplier located less than an hour’s drive from your restaurant.

When your online search yields no satisfactory results, pick up your phone and have a conversation with eateries in your area to find out which supplier to use. Ideal meat suppliers in Brisbane are ones who perform in-house functions such as slaughtering and packaging. A supplier should be able to tell you;

·         The difference between their slaughter date and package date.

·         Whether they supply locally-grown beef, pork or chicken.

·         How the farm animals were fed and raised.

·         If the fish or seafood is farm raised or wild caught.

2. Check Out Their Facility.

You can only inspect their facility when they have adequacy answered the questions above. It is essential to pay special attention to;

·         The refrigerators and freezers they use to ensure they offer adequate space and the temperatures can be suitably controlled.

·         The cleanliness of the premises both inside and outside.

·         The smell of the facility.  It should emit foul odours or overwhelming smells from cleaning products.

·         How employees dress and hygiene. The workers should have clean fingernails and hand and wearing the prescribed protective gear.

·         Any signs of insect or rodent infestation.

3. Dealing With The Specifics.

If the inspection of your meat suppliers premises in Brisbane impresses you, you are now in the position to narrow down some specifics. Some of the questions you will need to ask at this stage include;

·         Can they guarantee deliveries at a specific date and time?

·         How will they keep your ordered meat fresh when it is being transported?

·         What are their procedures for a product recall?

·         Is there a guaranteed full refund should your meat be spoiled or contaminated?

·         How often do their prices change? Including if they offer an advance notice before a price increase?

·         Will you incur extra charges for split cases or special orders?

·         Do they have minimum order amounts?

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