Useful Tips On How To Save Money On Meat

Can you tell the difference between a Tri-Tip and a Flatiron? The answer will probably be no. When you visit your local butcher in Springfield, chances are you order your usual cuts of meat without putting much thought of what goes on behind it. That means you need to start having a conversation with your butcher.

It may seem like an obsolete notion to speak to your butcher in Springfield, but it is one of the essential parts of your grocery shopping routine for meat eaters at least. Butcheries, in some way, are making a come back and the time is ripe for you to refresh this skill.

To learn the tricks of the butchery trade, we have compiled an inside scoop of the most useful tips that will help you carve out some savings on your meat next time you hit the counter;

1. Unconventional Cuts Are A Money Saver.

We all love those high-end expensive traditional cuts like filet mignon, porterhouse and ribeye that make our simple dinners feel we dining at a gourmet restaurant. If buying them burns a hole in your pocket but still want a succulent piece of meat on your plate, there are alternative affordable cuts that are just delicious.

Skirt steak is a wonderful piece of meat that is rich in flavour yet very economical. Another excellent cut of meat, which technically is a ‘leftover’ but still fantastic, is the tips of the tenderloin. Other affordable and flavourful cuts include brisket, shoulder and flat iron.

2. You Can Request Specific Preparations.

If you have not mastered the culinary art of trimming off the fat of a chuck eye roast or deboning a leg of a lamb, it takes out the purposes of the convenience of prepackaged meat. Your butcher in Springfield will gladly have your order trimmed and portioned to your preference or as specified in the recipe.

3. Discounted Meat Is Not About To Go Bad.

Contrary to popular belief, discounted meat is not a product your butcher in Springfield is moving because it is on the verge of going bad. When meat is on special offer, it is about the market, not the sell-by date. That is because the butcher was able to get a deal with their supplier and the intention is to pass on the savings to you.

4. Regular Customers Do Get Special Treatment.

It pays off being friendly with the employee behind the butcher’s counter. Your butcher in Springfield will alert you at any given time on neat products when they know your preferences and will tailor available meat to what you are looking for. If you a regular, you can beat the queue and missing out on fresh meat as your butcher will allow you to call ahead and have what you need set aside.

If you are searching for a friendly and well-stocked butcher in Springfield, Chopshop Butchers are your best bet. We have a wide range of meats, in different cuts and prepared according to your specifications. Visit our store today!

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