Meat Wholesalers Brisbane

At Chopshop Butchers, we provide top restaurant quality meat at wholesale prices, and we also service restaurants, cafes and clubs throughout Brisbane. Sourced locally from some of Australia’s finest regions, we offer a range of meats ranging from pork, chicken, lamb to beef and poultry. All our meats are hormone free and fresh to ensure you get maximum quality and flavour.

We understand that running a food centered business can be costly and time consuming, so we meat wholesalers Brisbane, offer wholesale prices that can fit into your budget.  We regularly run specials on our wholesale meat produce, so there is no need to spend your free time running around to various shops to “get the deal”. Now all your meat needs are fulfilled at one location.

Our convenient online shopping saves you time going to the shops. Simply create an account via our website, add your items to the cart, select your company and delivery time and then step into one of our Brisbane stores to collect your order. Our online shopping is secure and we accept Mastercard and Visa Card.

If you need special cuts of meat, then our friendly in store or online staff can ensure that your meats are cut to specification and in the portions that you need so there is no wastage. We will even consult with you on how best to prepare the meat to give your customers a mouth watering experience they will always remember.

At Chopshop Butchers, we still hold true to age old traditions such as making up fresh mince every day, and boning out chickens is done by hand by our professional and experienced butchers. All our butchers treat all our produce with care and respect to make each cut as succulent as the next.

You can also step into one of our four Brisbane stores located in Annerley, Keperra and Wynnum. Each store is catered to providing businesses throughout Brisbane with the best wholesale meat prices, be it for your restaurant, cafe or club. So know that when you are serving your customers, you are serving them the best meat at wholesale prices in Brisbane.