The term organic has been used to describe products that are free from pesticides. This definition also encompasses meat from animals that have been treated humanely, allowed to roam in the pastures to graze and bask in the natural elements such as the sun. You have seen free range eggs in the store, which means that the chickens they come from were not caged in pens, being given growth hormones and injected with artificial medicines such as antibiotics until they can’t move their legs.

All of this just so the chicken can grow quicker and be sent on their way to the poultry processing plant where they become food. Another fear that people have which leads them to change to organic products is that we hear about the practices of farms and corporations to mass produce livestock just so they can increase the quantity to decrease costs for customers.

Products from animals that have been well fed with nutritional food are seen as a beneficial alternative for a healthier lifestyle. Consumers will not have to ingest the growth hormones that were in those animals and milk or pesticide residue and fertilisers that were used on agricultural products. However, it can be a challenge to find an organic butcher that cares not only about where their meat comes from but also how it was treated and what it was fed.

If they are not shy in being open about where their meat and other products are sourced from, then you will be able to satiate your worries about whether the products you are purchasing as healthy and true to their label. When you have an organic butcher you can trust, it is easy to make purchases. When a consumer is sure that the food they are consuming is healthy, they will be encouraged to return and purchase more.

At Chop Shop Butchers, we source all our meats such as chicken and beef from local ranches across the country. It is free of any hormones, fertilisers and gluten so our customers will get quality and amazing tasting meat that is affordable and healthy.

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